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Income and Expenditure statement for the FY2016-2017

Recruitment Notice for the post of HHW

Promotion Notice for the post of FTS

Internal Audit Report for the financial year 2016-2017

Recruitment Notice For the temporary post of "Typist" on purely contractual basis at Gayeshpur Municipality

Beneficiary list of IGNOAPS after Verification of 2018-2019

Beneficiary list of IGNDPS after Verification of 2018-2019

Beneficiary list of IGNWPS after Verification of 2018-2019

Notice Of NULM for course on Tourism & Hospitality.

Internal Audit Report For the Financial Year 2017-2018

Advertisement and Application of Recrument of Gayeshpur Municipality

   ANNEXURE 3.2.4: Process Flow Diagram


  1. License Department :-

   Functions : Issue, Renewal and Cancellation

   Significant Points out of the Process are as Follows

  1. Time between receiving and delivery ;-
    • Rickshaw  / Van, Small entrepreneur,  - same day
  2. If inspection required by PWD – three days
  3. Mainly 3 departments are involved in the license delivery powers.
   Bottlenecks :-

Issue: Identification of unlicensed trade in the ULB area. Identification of
unlicensed rickshaw / van flying within ULB.
Proposal :
A regular staff required for vigilance of the above issues.
to all councillors and Ward Committee Secretary. Notice to be given before
Tax department.
Ideal Stage :   Calculation of Commercial charges to be done in the same Dept.
2. Engineering Department :- Functions are distributed in 3 groups.

Services done are:

  • Construction of Infrastructure
  • Maintenance of Infrastructure
  • Plan Sanction
  • Illegal Construction Vigilance
  • Grievance Management
  • Calculation of Development Fees for using Trade License
  • Municipal Property ( Bldg., Market)
Staffing Pattern
  • 1 AE
  • 2 SAE
  • 2 Work Assistant
  • 1 Lighting Supervisor
  • 1 Typist
  • 2 Clerks
  • 12 Majdoors

Application for Building Plan Sanction


Bottlenecks :-
Significant Points :

  • Average time required. for Bldg. Plan Sanction – 15 days
  • 4 Departments are involved in Building plan approval

Issue :

Ideal Stage :
Submission and delivery should be done by the said Department.
3. Water Works :-
Functions are :

  • House Connection
  • Repairing and Maintenance
  • Quality Testing
  • Maintain house service accounts

Significant points :

  • Total Time taken to give water connection is 10 days
  • No. of Staff :

                  Technical  – 2 Nos.
General    – 2 Nos.
Others      – 2nos. 

Issues / Bottlenecks :
Application received at the beginning of the month have to wait long time for
the BOC meeting held at the end of the month which in tern takes around 40
days maximum to get a connection.
Proposal : BOC meeting held once in a week may be proposed for water conne-
4. Assessment Department :-
Functions :

  • Mutation
  • Intermediate assessment – which may comprise
  • Change of Land use
  • New Construction
  • Addition / Alteration
  • Review of valuation assessment / hearing
  • General assessment – Done at every five year by central WB Valuation
    Board and municipal apex body.
  • Issue of certified copy of assessment.
  • Building plan assessment and record maintain.
  • Assessment for trade license.

Significant points :

  • 10 days are required to complete a mutation process.
  • It takes 3 days to prepare minutes of BOC resolution.

Issues/ Bottlenecks :

  • time for completion of mutation.
  • Excess time required for completion of mutation.

Proposal :
Mutation cases to be dealt in BOC meeting held once in a month.
A computer typist cum general clerk required for preparation of BOC meeting
Ideal Stage :
Ideal Option :
5. Sanitary Department :-
Functions :

  • Solid waste collection from house.
  • Transportation of collected waste to dumping ground.
  • Birth and death certificates.
  • Issue of food license.
  • National old age pension.(NOAP)
  • Vector control measure.

A) Solid Waste Collection (Done for 5 hrs. a day)

Significant Points :

Solid waste collection in market place are done daily.
  • 2 Nos. hand carts are engaged in each ward for collection. It almost takes
    two days to complete a collection and dumping activity of the ward. There are
    4 nos. of tractors for transportation from vats to dumping ground. At present
    there are one driver and 2 nos. of collies per tractor.
    Issues / Bottlenecks
    • Staff shortage
    • Vehicle shortage
    • Time required for collection and dumping to be shortened preferable ion
      regular basis.
    • Sweeping of roads


    • Qualified Engineers to be posted at the top.
    • Night sweeping of road and afternoon cleaning of roadside.
    • Sweeping and collection of door to door to be outsourced.

    Ideal Stage :
    Cleaning of roads twice a day.
    B) Birth & Death Certificate

    • Delivery of certificates takes 2 days
    • For normal issue of certificates are done in 2 days at a charge of Rs. 30.
    • For additional copy Rs. 15

    Issue / Bottleneck :

    • Staff shortage
    • Required one clerical staff  for smooth functioning. 

    Proposal :

    • Computer record to be kept.

    Ideal Stage :
    C) NOAPS (National Old Age Pension)
    Source of Fund :
    Central Govt. ---  75%
    State Govt.    ---  25%
    The fund is under the control of District Magistrate

    Significant Points :
    i)  No. of departments involved =   4 Nos.
    Establishment, Govt. of W.B., General  Department, Cash Department
    ii) It appears that total process taken 35 – 40 days.
    Issue / Bottleneck :

    • Order issued by EO involves a week time.
    • Cash section takes  a longer time to disbursed pension.
    Ideal Stage :

    D) Food License :
    New Case : Time Required = One day

    Issue : Constant vigilance is required regarding the trade of food within
    the ULB area.
    Proposal : Requirement of a food inspector .
    Idea Stage :
    E) Vector Control :
    Significant Points:
    It is done only in winter. 4 nos. men with machines are engaged to do the
    work. (casual staff).
    Issue / Bottleneck :
    Control service provided by the ULB is irregular causing least effect on control.
    Proposal :
    To be done in a regular process by employing at least 2 staffs.
    Ideal Stage :    Fortnightly vector control.
    Ideal Option :

    Significant Points :

    • Total time taken for preparation of the bill till final handover of the Cheque
      is 16 days.
    • No. of people involved are 2.
    • One dept. is involved in the payment process.

    Reasons :

    In step 1 dept. clerk requires more time due to lack of supporting documents for processing the bill.
  • Due to BOC resolution required for payment the process in the 2nd. Step
    generally takes 1 month depending on the date of BOC meeting.
    ( Application to bill amounts > Rs. 5,000/-)

    Proposals :
    Ideal Stage :
    All supporting documents and MB should be produced with the bills for payment.
    Ideal Option :
    Payment to be released as soon as possible.

    Remarks :
    Departments / Accounts clerks are required. 

    Reasons : Specific Purchase Bill are not found and order are not given in time.     
    Ideal Stage : Regular production of Requisitions to CNC

    Significant Points :

    1. Cashier is involved in the process.
    2. Total time taken to disburse payment is 2 days.

    Works : Cash Collection, Miscellaneous  Collection, Market rent Collection, Water User charge through   Collector, Purchase of Revenue Stamp, Miscellaneous  Payment


    Bottleneck :

    1. Shortage of Collection
    2. Serving to household & demand notice remain pending for long due to shortage of staff.

    Reason :   Regular increase of no. of houses.
    Ideal Stage : Total Computerisation.

    WBMAD/GM/PW/NIT-11/2016/17/SL-1/3RD CALL

    E-Tender No-WBMADGMPWNIT-1020162017 SL 1-16 improvement and strenthening of metal road


    GM-ENGG-TD-1-2016-2017 for tendering different works

    Construction of balancing tank & filteration chamber etc. on 13.07.2016 upto 2PM.

    Corrigendum - TENDER NOTICE NO- GM/ENGG/TD-2/2016-17 DATE-01/07/2016

    Installation of Sand filtration plant for swimming Pool within Gayeshpur Municipality 23.07.2016 up to 2 P.M.

    E-tender for development of various metal roads with in Gayeshpur Municipality Bid Submission date 04.08.2016 upto 5P.M.

    Inatallation of sand filteration plant for swimming pool Closing Date 16.08.2016 upto 5PM

    Different work on Construction of cement concreate road and existing concrete road at Gayeshpur Stadium upto 3.00 PM.

    Pump Motor Maintainance 2016-17 from Gayeshpur Municipality closing date 24/08/2016 upto 2PM.

    Different Development work of Gayeshpur Municipality 08.09.2016 upto 2PM.

    Interior Decoration of Office Conference Hall . Last date of Bid Submission 14.09.2016 upto 5PM

    Supplying fixing all accessories for providing electric wiring including installation of A.C. machine at Gayeshpur Municipality (Sukanta Mancha). upto 12PM

    Supplying fitting and fixing of decorative light poles along road side of gayeshpur Municipality 19.09.2016 upto 5 PM.

    Installation of sand filtration plan for swimming Pool from Gayeshpur Municipality.Bid Submission date 03.10.2016 upto 5:30 PM.

    Supplying fiting and fixing of decorative light poles(100 nos) and interior decoration of office conference hall. Closing Date 19.10.2016 upto 5 PM.

    Various type of works within municipal area such as concrete road, paver block,R.C.C. slap,painting works etc. closing date 22.11.2016 upto 2:00 PM.

    Tender for Supply of van riskhaw , vat hydrolic tailor, water tank, etc.

    Construction of PHC building for providing Non-beded U-PHC under NUHM at ward no 15 under Gayeshpur municipality

    Supplying, fiting and fixing of decorative light poles among road side within Gayeshpur Municipality

    PCC work for protection of iron fencing at Gayeshpur Stadium.

    Supply of 20 nos box type van rickshaw , conservancy vat 3 ton capacity , etc. 11.01.2017 upto 2 pm

    Supply of 4(four) wheel drive compact Tractor-27H.P Engine Capacity

    Tender for supplying of 1 no of back hoe loader (mini) with 355 kgs capacity closing date 21-02-2017 upto 2 pm.

    Construction for remaining part of Uttrayan bhawan 2nd floor under Gayeshpur Municipality ward no 15 Closing date 07.03.2017 upto 5:30 PM

    Supply of 4 wheel drive compact tractor & 1 no of Back hoe loader(mini) Closing Date 08.03.2017 upto 2PM

    Construction of cement concrete road at ward no 1,3,4,6,8,10 & 15 within municipality area Closing Date 14.03.2017 upto 5PM.

    Renovation of front Varanda at club house of gayeshpur Stadium. Closing date 17.03.2017 upto 2:00PM.

    Supply of Software for providing property taxes module system along with payment Gateway and SMS Gateway. Closing date 22.03.2017 upto 2PM

    Quotation for supply of Software for providing property taxes module system along with payment gateway and SMS . Closing Date 05.04.2017 upto 2PM

    Prviding Sound System in the conference Hall of Gayeshpur Municipal Office Building Closing 07.04.2017 up to 2PM

    Tender for supply of AC machine for conference hall of Municipal Office Building Closing Date 10.04.2017 upto 2PM

    Construction of CC Road at PL camp no 2 ward no 13 with in Gayeshpur Municipality. Closing Date 13.04.2017 upto 2PM

    Construction of CC Road at Ward no 11,12,13,&18 with in Gayeshpur Municipality Closing Date 17.04.2017 upto 2PM.

    construction of remaining part of Uttarayan Bhaban. Closing Date 27.04.2017 upto 5:30 PM

    e-tender for construction of cement Concreate Road at ward no-1,3,4,6,8,10 & 15

    Renovation of roof ceiling of Jyoti Basu Sadan including electrical work at kataganj area . Closing Date 03.05.17 up to 5:30 PM

    Supplying and installation of distribution panel board including alive accessories complete at Gayeshpur Sukanta Mancha. Closing Date :08.05.2017 upto 2PM

    Tender for Extention of Gokulpur Ashirbad Bhawan 1st floor (2nd Phase) Closing Date 02.06.17

    construction ofmasonry platform on the bank of 5 No. Kataganj pond . Closing Date 30.05.2017

    Quotation for Lifeboy shop 125 gm and xerox paper A4 size copy power

    Quotation for various goods to office.

    Tender for sound system in conference hall of Gayeshpur Office building. closing date 13.06.2017

    Sypply of Conservancy Vat at different place within Gayeshpur Municipality Closing Date 16.06.2017 up to 2PM

    Installation of CCTV different places in Gayeshpur.

    Supply and installation of Distribution Panel Board including allied accessories complete at Gayeshpur Sukanta Mancha Closing Date 23.06.2017 upto 2 PM

    Construction of cement concreate road at ward no-1,3,4,6,8,10,15 within Gayeshpur Municipality area. Closing Date 29.06.2017 upto 5:30PM

    Supply of AC Machine for conference Hall of Municipal Office Building. Closing Date 30.06.2017 upto 2 PM

    Painting and floor works for the remaining portion of Sukanta Sadan Closing Date 05.07.2017 upto 2:30 PM

    Providing Paver Block at Road side area near sukanta Sadan and steel Railing inside the hall. Bid Submission Closing date 07.07.2017

    Renovation of Roof ceiling of Jyoti Basu Sadan including electrical works at kataganj. Bid Submission Closing Date :08.07.2017 upto 2:30 PM

    Internal Audit of the Gayeshpur Municipality for the year 2015-16. Closing Date & time: 07.07.2017 upto 2:30PM

    Renovation of roof ceiling of Jyoti Basu Sadan including electrical work at kataganj area. Closing Date 15.07.2017 upto 2:30PM

    Supply , fitting,fixing of MS bracket for providing ACP Board at Sukanta Sadan. Closing Date 21.07.2017 upto 5PM

    Installation of CCTV at different places of Gayeshpur Area. Bid Submission end date. 22.07.2017 upto 5:30PM.

    supply and fitting on fulton board on the interior wall ofGayeshpur sukanta Sadan. Closing Date :25.07.2017 upto 5:30PM

    Internal Audit of the Gayeshpur Municipality for the year 2015-16 Closing Date 22.07.2017 upto 5PM.

    Providing Wooden Stage at Gayeshpur Sukanta Mancha . Closing Date 24.08.2017

    Internal Audit of Gayeshpur Municipality for the year 2015-2016 Closing Date 24.08.2017

    Tender for Different works in Sukanta Sadan at Gayeshpur Municipality Closing Date 28.08.2017

    Supplying, fitting and fixing of ACP Board for the decoration of exterior wall of the sukanta sadan. closing Date 05.09.2017 upto 5:00 PM.

    Electrification of Sukanta Sadan (2nd Phase) Closing Date 06.09.2017 upto 2PM.

    Supply of 2.00 ton capacity A.C. Machine at Gayeshpur Sukanta Sadan Mancha. Closing Date 08.09.2017 upto 5PM

    Supply of Electrical articles for electrification og Gokulpur Ashirbad Bhawan. closing Date 07.09.2017 upto 2PM

    Construction of Concreate road at Municipal ward no 2,10,13 closing date 07.09.2017 upto 2PM

    Tarfelting work on the existing roof of Gayeshpur Sukanta Sadan Mancha. Closing Date 09.09.2017 upto 12 Noon

    Supply and installation of plastic moduled auditorium chair for the Gayeshpur Sukanta Sadan at ward no 6

    Extension of Gokulpur Ashirbad Hall at Ward No-11 within Gayeshpur Municipality Closing Date:02.11.2017 upto 5:00PM

    Supply and installation of plastic moduled auditorium chair for the Gayeshpur Sukanta Sadan Ward No-6 Closing Date 22.11.2017 upto 3:30 P.M.

    Construction of cement concrete road at municipal ward no 2,10 & 13. Closing date 17.11.2017 upto 3PM

    Supply of 2.00 ton capacity A.C. Machine at Gayeshpur sukanta sadan. Bid Submission end date 17.11.2017 upto 5:00 PM

    Electrification of Sukanta Sadan(2 nd phase) Closing Date 22.11.2017 upto 3PM.

    Supply of electrical articles of electrification of Gokulpur Ashirban Bhawan. Closing date 25.11.2017

    Estimate balance civil works and sanitary plumbing works PHC building under NUHM at ward no-15 under Gayeshpur Municipality. closing date 30.11.2017

    Bonafied Different work in Gayeshpur Municipality

    Various work from Gayeshpur Check post to towards Manikpir more

    creation of Boundary Wall of Shib Mandir Closing Date 17.01.2017 upto 3PM

    Supply and installation of metal bracket fitting and fixing on Fulton board at Sukanta sadan GM. Last date of submission 12.02.2018 upto 2PM

    Different type of works in different word last date 22.02.2018 3PM

    Pipe & construction of massonary work

    NULM CLC Computer Quotation Last Date 27.02.2018 upto 2PM.


    Sinking of deep tubewell 200 mm dia with top enlargement of 300 m dia pipe. closing date 09.03.2018 upto 5:30 PM

    Supply erection,fitting fixing of 8 mtr Octagonal pole &Tridant pole with Led Street light & Led Chain Light

    Repairing ward committee office from ward no 1 to 6 & 7 to 12 & sukanta sadan stage under GM

    Lease Swimming Pool located in the premises of Gayeshpur Municipality Last date of Submission: 23.03.2018 up to 2PM

    Supply and fiting fixing vats ,supply water tank (250 gallon) ,decorative work of sukanta sadan closing date 27.03.2018 upto 3PM

    Different Electrical work at Sukanta Sadan in Gayeshpur Municipality. Closing Date 03.04.2018 upto 2PM

    Online E-Tender Notice

    Quotation of Swimming Pool for filteration

    Painting of Fencing at Gayeshpur Stadium Closing Date:-11.04.2018 upto 3-00PM

    Internal Electrical works for UPHCS w-15 under NUHM

    Construction and Installation at different ward in Gayeshpur Municipality Closing Date 11.06.2018

    E-tender for various type of work within Municipal area such as Black top road, cement concrete road &surface drain within municipal area Closing date 25.06.2018 up to 5:30PM

    Connection of House pit with specific tank out let/soak pit through inspection chamber at ward no 1,4,10,11,12,13,18 under Gayeshpur Municipality Closing 27.06.2018 at 5:30PM

    Renovation of Shiv Mondir at Ward no-16 under Gayeshpur Municipality Closing 04.07.2018 upto 3PM

    Supply & installation of Plastic Module Auditorium Chair at Sukanta Sadan Closing Date:-13.07.2018 upto 2PM

    Plastic module auditorium chair at Sukanta sadan

    E-auction for sale of earth at the Road flank from Manikpir more to Gayespur Municipality.

    E-auction for sale of earth at the Road flank from Gayeshpur 7 No. more to Gayespur Check post. Submission END Date 14.08.2018 upto 3:30PM

    Different types of work under Gayeshpur Municipality Closing date 04.09.2018

    Supply and installation of Digital copier printer and supply of electrical materials for repairing and maintenance works at ward no 1 to 18 closing 17.09.2018 At 2PM

    Construction of CC Road and electrical works within Gayeshpur Municipality. Closing date 27.09.2018 upto 5:30PM

    Corrigendum for tender

    Tender for Construction of Shed of Chariot, washing platform of vehicles, kitchen room in Utsab bari, Gayeshpur. Closing Date 25.09.2018 upto 2PM.

    Supply and installation of False Ceiling with gypsum board at 1st floor of Sukanta sadan and senetary and plumbing Works . closing date 28.09.2018 at 2PM

    Tender for roof repairing Municipal office building . Closing Date 09.10.2018 upto 2PM

    Supply ,fitting ,fixing of LED Street light in existing Pose and High Mast for beautification within Gayeshpur Municipality area. Closing 22.10.2018 at 2:30PM

    Installation of Mark-II tubewell at ward no 9 & 11. Closing Date 12.11.2018 upto 2PM

    Roof Repairing of Municipal Office Building Closing Date: 15.11.2018 upto 2PM

    E-Auction sale for trees standing road at proposed site Manikpir more to Gayeshpur Check post

    Supply Of Rover Heavy duty Ride on lawn lower Submission date 02.01.2019 upto 2PM

    Sypply Fitting fixing for beautification under GM 07.01.2019 upto 2:30PM

    Supplying , fitting, stainless steel railing and repairing of drain and two nos. of culvert at sukanta Mancha at ward no 6 under Gayeshpur Municipality. 15.02.2019 upto 3PM

    Construction and Installation of Mark-II hand Tubewell at ward no 1mukta mancha, children park boundary wall and beautification of park at ward no 6 under Gayeshpur Municipality. Last Date of Submission tender 23.02.2019

    Improvement and strengthening of metal road starting from Jhilpar to Basantapur at ward no 1 and from sangam cinema more to W.B.N.V.F rail gate

    Construction of Mukta Mancha at Subhashpally and Decoration of Mukta mancha at Kuliapatth ward no 18. Last Date of Submission 27.02.2019 Upto 2PM

    Sinking of Deep tubewell 30mm*200mm at ward no 15 &11

    Different type of Works under Gayespur Municipality. Last Date of Submission 28.02.2019 upto 2PM

    Construction of CC Road & Surface Drain at Different Slum at Gayeshpur Municipal Service Area. Last Date of Submission 09.03.2019 upto 5:30

    Shinking of deep tubewell of 300mm *200mm dia at ward no-1 & 14 within Gayeshpur Municipality

    Supplying of 1 no of 20KVA KOEL-1 GREEN, Generator & installation.

    Supply of materials for shifting of PCC poles within Gayeshpur Municipal Area for the year 2019-20. Upto 27.06.2019 at 3PM

    Different type of of works with in municipal area 08.07.2019 upto 2PM

    Supplying 1 No of 20KVA Koel-1 Green Generator & installation

    Quotation for Monitor and Printer for Gayeshpur Municipality

    Sinking of Deep tube well at ward no 14 & 1, Wood work for door and window partition of Sukanta Sadan & remaining works of Ashirbad Bhawan Closing Date 25.07.2019 at 3.30 PM

    Construction of Pump House at ward no 11 & 15. Closing date:-23.07.2019 upto 2PM

    Sinking of Deep tube well at ward no 4, Closing Date 22.07.2019 at 4.00 PM

    Construction of Pump House at ward no 1 & 14. Closing date:-26.07.2019 upto 2PM

    Construction of Pump House , CC Road , Guard Wall at ward no 4, 13, 14 under Gayeshpur Municipality Closing Date 05.08.2019 upto 3.00 PM.

    Supply of Parts for vehicles of Sanitary department. Closing date 07.08.2019 upto 2.00PM

    Treatment work on the roof of 2nd floor of Utarayan Bhawan at Bedibhawan area along with steel railing at the stair of 2nd floor. Closing Date 10.08.2019 upto 2PM

    Supply of 2 nos of submersible pump for the pumping station at ward no 11 & 15.

    Pump Motor & electrical maintenance work with Gayeshpur Municipal area at different pump station. closing date: 21.08.2019 up to 2PM

    WALL OF ASIRBAD BHAWAN DECORATING Closing Date.-24.08.2019 upto 1PM

    Construction of Alter for worship of Debi Durga at Nababidhanpally at Ward no 17. Closing Date :24.08.2019 upto 1PM

    Supply of LED light & clamp, Pump motor maintenance, Renovation of Boundary wall & Decorative poles (Trident) Last date of Submission: 11.09.2019 upto 2PM.

    Supply of requisite materials for the lowering of Pump sets at ward no-11 Last date of submission 13.09.2019 up to 2PM

    Supply of Requisite Materials of PUMP Set at ward no 15, Repairing 3 nos. lawn mower & preparation of DPR of District Anual Action Plan for the year 2019-20 Closing Date 18.09.2019 upto 2PM

    Installation of Mark-II Hand tubewell at ward no 17. Last date of Submission 19.09.2019 upto 2PM.

    Supplying of 50 litrs BTI under VBDCP .

    Different types of work in different wards in Gayeshpur Municipality. closing date 23.10.2019 upto 3PM

    Supply of 3 nos Submersible pump for the pumping station at Ward no 1,4 & 14. Last date of submission : 14.11.2019 up to 2PM

    Quotation for Supply of requisite materials for lowering of Pump sets at Ward no-1,4,14,17 and Preparation of District Action plan for the 2019-20 Last Date of Submission of Quotation paper :09.11.2019 upto 2PM

    Renovation of Ghat of pond adjacent to Gayeshpur Utsab Bari at ward no-4 within Gayeshpur Municipality(part-2)

    Construction of Toilet for Gokulpur Ashirbad Bhawan (New Building) at Ward no-11 under Gayeshpur Municipality. Last Date of Submission:-29.11.2019 upto 2PM.

    Sinking of deep tube well of 300 mm * 200 mm dia at ward No-17 within Gayeshpur Municipality. Bid Submission end date 14.12.2019 at 2PM.

    Supplying 1 no of 25 KVA KOEL-1 Green, Generator & Installation. Last Date of Submission 24.12.2019 up to 3PM

    Quotation for Kent RO (Dubble Purifier) for UPHC building under this ULB Last Date: 19.12.2019 upto 1PM

    Quotation for Computer Items for Office Use of Tax Section of this ULB Last Date of Submission : 19.12.2019 upto 1PM

    Quotation for Computer Items for Office Use of NSAP Section of this ULB Last Date of Submission : 19.12.2019 upto 1PM

    Supply of Electrical material for Electrification of Uttarayan Bhawan at 2nd Floor. Last Date of Submission 18.12.2019 upto 2PM

    Internal Electrification of pump house at Ward no- 11 & 15 Last date of Submission 17.12.2019

    Construction of Helipad at Gayeshpur beside Town club ground under Gayeshpur Municipality. Last Date of Submission tender Documents.: 03.01.2020 upto 2PM

    Supplying & installation of Sign Board at Subhechha Bhawan at Gokulpur Area, Repairing of concrete road of Nazrulpally & Laying & fitting of Tiles for existing path of Ashirban Bhawan at ward no-11 . Closing Date 04.02.2020 upto 2.00PM

    Supplying & installation of sign board at Subhechha bhawan at Gokulpur area, Repairing of concrete road of Nazrulpally,Laying And fiting of tiles for existing path at Ashirbad bhawan. at ward no 11 Closing Date : 04.02.2020 up to 2PM

    Construction of additional works such as brick work, flooring,painting and ceiling work etc. at Uttarayan Bhawan-2, Sukanta sadan Building , Subhechha bhawan and Maintainance of drinking water supply pipe lines within this municipal area. Closing Date:

    Widening of metal road from PWD main road to forest at Gouranga colony,Town club road and Janakalyan Club, Const. of Boundary wall sorrounding of ward office at ward no-10, Painting works at Uttarayan Bhawan 1st floor. closing Date:13.02.2020 upto 2PM

    Supply of Mosquito Larvicidal oil under the basis of vector control Submission Date: 17.02.2020 upto 2PM

    Supply of 1 No of 25 KVA KOEL -I GREEN, Generator & Installation. Last Date of Submission : 22.01.2020 upto 1PM

    Construction of cement concrete road of different ward at Gayeshpur Municipality Last Submission Date: 18.02.2020 upto 2PM

    Construction of flooring and wooden surface at sukanta sadan

    Patch repairing works of main metal road,from west side boundary wall of RIC to Harinarayan Chakraborty house,Supply of rim,hobs and bearing of vehicles of SNY Last date of Submission :20.02.2020 upto 2PM.

    Various types of Work regarding Drain Pump house, Drain & water tank at different ward under Gayeshpur Municipality. Last date of Submission: 29.02.2020 at 12.30PM.

    Shifting of High Mast Tower within Gayeshpur Municipality area. Last date of Submission:29.02.2020 upto 12.30PM

    Supply of different furniture for Gokulpur Subhechha Bhawan & Utarayan Bhawan 2, Different types of work of fiting & fixing light at Gokulpur Subhechha Bhawan & Utarayan Bhawan & Ashirbad Bhawan. Last Date of Submission: 13.03.2020 upto 2PM

    Expression of Interest regarding Lease of Swimming Pool at Gayeshpur Stadium within Gayeshpur Municipality. Last Date of Submission of Proposal 10.03.2020.

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